New Voter Authentication Devices (VADs) tested in Armenia


On 12 February, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia tested the new Voter Authentication Devices (VADs) which will be used for the first time during the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for 2 April 2017. The equipment has been provided by the UNDP electoral assistance project with the funding by the European Union, United States, […]

Electoral Technology for credible and inclusive elections in Armenia


On April 2, 2017 voters across Armenia went to the polls in the first election since a new Constitution was adopted in 2015 that changed Armenia’s political system from semi-presidential to parliamentarian. The newly elected National Assembly will gain increased executive powers when the incumbent President finishes his term in 2018. The April 2 vote […]

Transfer of Voter Authentication Devices to the CEC


The transfer of the Voter Authentication Devices (VADs) to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Armenia has taken place on 4 July 2017. The equipment was procured by the UNDP project “Support to the Electoral Process in Armenia” (SEPA), generously funded and supported by the European Union and the Governments of the US, Germany, UK and Armenia. […]